The Been Broke Before movement was created to foster an environment where success is the norm and not the exception.


Broke doesn’t mean broken. Broke just means “without.” Success is often preceded and accompanied by failures, setbacks, and moments of feeling “without,” but those hardships don’t define the story. Success stories are defined by perseverance, determination, and support of others. Success rejects that something’s broken; but rather, success says it’s unfinished.


Been Broke Before reminds us all of this struggle, determination, and refusal to give up. This campaign exists for several reasons:

1. To invite those who’ve already overcome significant barriers and achieved great things to share their story with those still navigating their path to success

2. To inspire those reaching for their goals with a model for what’s possible when one views dead ends as building blocks to overcoming adversity

3. To show solidarity with others who are pursuing their ambition unapologetically


We encourage you to inspire others by sharing success stories and posting pictures wearing Been Broke Before apparel using the hashtags:

#BeenBrokeBefore & #MotivationalUseOnly